Sorapot – tea brewing video

Published on December 11th, 2007

I made this video using the first Sorapot to come back from the workshop in Asia. Enjoy!



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  1. idriss Says:

    yeay! i love it… can’t wait to get my own. i’m saving up in between paying bills, lol. any suggestion on a good electric kettle or something fancy to heat up my water in my room (i hate having to go all the way to the kitchen to get my tea). any fun cups to compliment your sexy sorapot?

    so excited, hehe | idriss

  2. haano Says:

    the video is brilliant. i thought it was just a pretty tea pot, but it works too. the filter on the front is great.

  3. Alexander Says:

    Hi Joey,
    So are you producing anything or planning to produce any of your prototypes?

    Hi Alexander, Sorapot is the first one that’s actually being produced. The first run will arrive in February. If Sorapot’s successful, more of my concepts will hopefully follow.
    Beautiful visualizations on your site by the way!

  4. Alexander Says:

    Thanks, too bad we’re not doing them any more. But something else is coming. I’ll show you in a month or two.

    Who’s going to manufacture the teapot? Any ideas about MSRP?

  5. Jefferey Says:

    This is a beautiful-looking tea pot.

    But coming from a serious tea drinker there is one flaw in the design – you can’t remove the leaves after a minute or two. This means you can pour one cup (generally tea is not consumed from a pint glass) and then the remaining tea will become over-brewed and bitter.

    Thanks for your comment Jefferey. When I was sketching concepts for my ideal teapot two years ago, I specifically wanted to avoid using a mesh basket. I’ve found that tea tastes best when the leaves are given full run of the teapot’s interior and can expand and circulate freely. You’re right that the way to control infusion time is to completely pour the tea into cups. I designed Sorapot with this in mind, and restricted its capacity to 11oz, which is just enough to comfortably fill one mug or two teacups. Like a traditional Yixing pot, the idea is to pour out all the tea at once after an infusion. When you’d like a second cup, you can add more water to the leaves, letting them steep slightly longer. High-quality teas respond well to multiple infusions, and reveal different characteristics each time you add water.

  6. Jefferey Says:

    OK that makes sense. So then I would suggest do another video with smaller cups (maybe 2 or 3) where all the tea is used with a comment about ready for the second infusion…. Good luck!

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