Felt Mouse

Published on May 3rd, 2011

felt mouse by joey roth

felt mouse by joey roth

felt mouse by joey roth

felt mouse by joey roth

felt mouse by joey roth

felt mouse by joey roth

A computer mouse made from wool felt, teak, and aluminum.

This prototype will be show for the first time on Friday May 13 – Monday May 16, 12PM to 7PM daily, as part of the American Design Club’s exhibit “Use Me” at 45 Great Jones Street.



15 Responses to “Felt Mouse”

  1. Jakob Wranne Says:

    Want one.
    is it to be found?

  2. Jakub Safar Says:

    Excellent. I hope the prototype will turn into a real thing fast. Which path do you want to take? Would you offer something like building set? I would love to buy parts and put my first mouse together.

  3. daniel Says:

    Beautiful mouse. I too would want one. Will they et produced?

  4. Kristin Liu Says:

    Looks like a kickstarter project to me! Awesome.

  5. David Says:

    Nice stuff as always joey! love your poster that I purchased from you as well!

  6. dunlop Says:

    excellent tool

  7. Kenan Sulayman Says:

    This is just cute and super-awesome.
    I want one (some?), too.
    Could you send out messages, when you think they could be ready for real-world (and shipping) ?

    Lovely ones :D

    Thank you! ;)

  8. Levi Wintering Says:

    PLEASE email me when I can purchase this.

  9. elizabeyta Says:

    I covet this mouse! I saw it first on treehugger.com and then came over here. I pouted when I found out it was not in production yet!

  10. byeongsu Says:

    I’m in (south)Korea.
    Plz send me a message I want to buy it.

  11. Napa Wedding Photographer Joseph Kohn Says:

    I love this mouse. How about a wireless version?
    Looks like it could also be used as a whiteboard eraser :-)

  12. Jason Says:

    I love it, very simplistic. A much better material choice than the hard plastic and metals.
    I imagine in time it would mould to you rhand to become even more comfortable and somewhat unique to the user.

    Send me an email, I’d love to buy one, even an early prototype.


  13. Math Says:

    Pretty nice!

    But one thing, you must increase de size of the cable : more longer, more bigger : this way, it won’t break soon and it’ll be usable by desktop (not only laptop). ;)

    Anyway, Good Job !!

  14. Jan M Says:

    Hope you’re making this into a product! Love it and would pay good money for one :)

  15. Thomas B Says:

    This fantastic. I would be wonderfully inspiring addition to a workspace, as well as a comfy one.

    I would also love to buy one, feel free to email me if you’re interested.


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